(Green Beli)

The Green Beli Platform (including the app and website www.greenbeli.com) is the property of Green Beli Joint Stock Company. We agree to provide services on the app and website www.greenbeli.com to you. All-inclusive service www.greenbeli.com products, features, applications, services, technology and software. What you access Accessing, registering, and using www.greenbeli.com means that you agree and accept to be bound by these terms. our use.

1. Register to use and log in to your account

You will not lose any fees when you register for an account on Green Beli. When you register to return To become a member of Green Beli, please provide us with some basic personal information your. When choosing a password for a login account, choose it in a way that no one can easily predict.

After registering as a Green Beli member, the system will default to accessing and using the above services website with someone else's username and password, such as accessing and using the services by the member itself, regardless of the username and password that can be used by others whose owner do not know or do not allow.

2. Regulations on content and form of writing

Members are allowed to share and are responsible for the information, images ... that they share. We respect your freedom of speech and encourage honest and frank sharing from members. although However, content that is objectionable, contains vulgar or discriminatory words, is provocative, intentionally harms the interests of of ethnicity, religion…is not accepted. Members may not create false information or misleading information, confusing the Green Beli community.

Members are not allowed to use www.greenbeli.com for any purpose other than connecting, sharing and Update information related to the field of environment and green living.

Members must not engage in any unauthorized login attempts or attempt to log in or cause damage to the www.greenbeli.com server system.

Do not send or post information, software with viruses or other harmful components.

Violations of the regulations, depending on the severity, will be deleted from the account or be held responsible before the law.

3. Right to collect and use information

When users access and use the website, Green Beli may collect and store information such as numbers Statistics on the access process, the personal information provided to Green Beli when registering. We have may use this information for the planning, research, design and dissemination of services or provide information to legal authorities as required by Law or Court. We can also use, share your photos, reviews on other social networking sites of Green Beli with the section communication purposes, the contents will be fully annotated source.

4. Changes on website www.greenbeli.com

During the operation, Green Beli will have changes, improvements and additions to the website or app. We may, in our sole discretion, add, amend or delete any information as well as change change the appearance, presentation, composition or functionality, or content of the www.greenbeli.com website. This may include any item and at any time without prior notice to the member.

5. Prohibit access or delete account

We reserve the right, at all times, to prohibit or deny a member's access to Green Beli or any other any part of the website immediately and without notice if we determine that you are in clear violation, seriously or repeatedly to anything in our terms or policies. Or work The prohibition of access is based on our judgment, deeming it appropriate and necessary in our jurisdiction ours. We reserve the right to delete accounts that have been inactive for 6 months or more. This is essential to filter virtual accounts, accounts that are no longer active.

6. Third party information

The information provided at Green Beli may contain information from third parties or be selected from other sources is different. We do not accept any responsibility for the information we post. Member will use or place reliance on such information with its own knowledge, responsibility and risk member.

7. Disputes and compensation

We try to put in place clear rules that limit or hope to avoid disputes between you and we. If any disagreement arises from the user's use of the Green Beli website/app or other Our products and services will be dealt with and compensated in accordance with the applicable laws of the Republic Socialist Republic of Vietnam. By registering to use our website and services, members implicitly agree to and comply with all provisions of the Laws of Vietnam.

8. Intellectual property rights and other rights

All intellectual property rights existing in the Green Beli platform belong to Green Beli Joint Stock Company. Accordingly, all legal rights are guaranteed. Unless approved by Green Beli, member may not upload, send, publish, republish, transmit or distribute in any way the Green Beli platform or create modifications of the content provided on the Green Beli platform.

Members may share information where permitted and are solely responsible for the content content, information, images and any other sharing. However, in any case, we still reserves the right to process the posted information in accordance with fine customs, ethical codes and national security rules. And we reserve the right to allow or disallow reviews of users appear or exist on the area where information is allowed to be shared.

Use of our rights and property requires our prior written permission. Beside written permission, we do not license in any other way. Therefore, members do not have the right to use our website or services for commercial purposes without our written permission our text earlier.

Members agree to let us freely use, disclose, apply and modify any ideas, concepts, ways knowledge, suggestions, suggestions, comments or other forms of notice that a member provides to us may related to Green Beli in a completely free way.

Regarding copyright, if a member believes that his/her ownership rights have been used in ways copyright infringement, members can contact us at email address: info@greenbeli.com.

9. Limitation of Liability

Green Beli always strives to create a friendly environment, helping to connect people who love green living together Find, share and update green places, experiences, useful information. All information is for general member reference. We do not accept any responsibility for the information there.

We do not influence, govern the reviews (reviews) of members on the Green Beli system. Because the However, our liability is limited to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law. And In no event will we be liable to you for any loss of profits, revenue and information. This also means that Green Beli will not be responsible for any loss loss, damage caused by the use of information from the website www.greenbeli.com as well as any errors, omissions, interruptions interruption or delay in information whether direct, indirect or incidental.

Access to and use of the Green Beli platform is voluntary by the member. With shared information on Green Beli, members behave and trust depending on their skills and judgment. Copper Members are responsible for ensuring that their use of shared information complies with all applicable laws required by applicable law.

10. Membership commitment

Members are responsible for maintaining their account and password. Do not disclose or authorize the person be used for any other purpose. Members are responsible for promptly informing us about unauthorized use, abuse, breach of security, keeping your registered name and password to the two sides cooperate to handle. Members are solely responsible for the information and images they share onto the Green Beli platform.

11. Change terms

We reserve the right to change the content of these terms. The member's continued use of the following services When the changed terms are published and enforced, it means that the member has accepted the terms this modification. Please update regularly to ensure you are always aware of changes in the terms of use ours. We will also notify you when there are significant changes. If you have comments or more questions can contact us via email address: info@www.greenbeli.com.